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Single Sided Kapton Tape

Manufacturer Supply Heat Press Kapton Tape For Circuit Board Sublimation Electrical High Temperature Tape

Brand :Yousan Tape
Color:Gold ,Black
Adhesive: Polyimide Film Silicone
Size:3mm,5mm ,8mm,10mm other custom size
Sample: Free Supply
Certification: SGS, ROSH, ISO
Shipment way: DHL ,UPS,Fedex
Lead Time : 3-5 days after send


Polyimide tape,polyimide film as a substrate, coated on high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It has excellent insulation, Breakdown Voltage resistance, 260 ℃ high temperature resistance and other characteristics.


1. High -temperature insulation wrapped around the electronic industry transformers, motors, coils, capacitors, and frequency conversion power suppliers.                                                               

2. Suitable for covering and protection during printing line boards (PCB), SMT tin furnaces, and peak welding.                        

3. High -end electrical insulation protection and lithium battery positive&negative poles.                                                          

4. Anti -welding protection.                                                                                                                                                       

5. The lithium battery manufacturing is bundled.

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