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PU Foam Die Cuting

Custom Die Cutting ROGERS PORON Double Sided PU Foam Gasket Backed For VR Camera Mobile Phone Drone Buffering Protection

Brand :Yousan Tape
Adhesive: P3306N, P3115A, P3210A Material
Size:Custom Size, As Drawing
Sample: Support
Certification: SGS, ROSH, ISO

Product introduce :

American original ROGERS PORON PU foam, thickness range from 0.15mm-12.7mm. It has excellent compression set resistance, ultra-high resilience, impact resistance, elastic durability and so on. It is widely used in various precision products such as shockproof. Specification Foam materials ROGERS PORON 4701-30 Series,  4701-40 Series, 4790-92 Series, 4790-79 Series, PORON AquaPro Series Adhesive 3M 467MP, Nitto 5000NS, Tesa 4972

Product Features:

1.Resistance to Stress Relaxation and Compression Set

2.Flame Retardant

3.Energy Absorption

4.Low Outgassing

5.Chemical Resistance

Product Parameter:

Name :ROGERS PORON Foam Tape

Model Number:Poron Models


Adhesive:3M/General PSA/As Required


Free Sample: Support


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