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MOPP Strapping Tape

Strapping Tape For Protecting Refrigerators Freezers Printers Flexible Transport Securing Tape

Brand :Yousan Tape
Color:Light Blue /White/Dark Blue
Adhesive: Natural Rubber
Standard Roll Size:1070mm*50m*0.08mm
Service: Support OEM

Product introduce :

The imported MOPP/PET is used as the base material, combined with high performance natural rubber, and then rewinded.

Product Features:

1.High Tensile Strength

2.Tear Off without Glue Residue

3.Stable Performance

4.Firm Paste

5.No chemical reaction with the applied surface

Product Parameter:

Name :MOPP Strapping Tape

Color: Light Blue/White /Dark Blue

Adhesive : Natural Rubber

Backing : MOPP/PET

Peel Strength:≥7-8 N/25mm

Elongation at break:30%

Holding Power(1kg/25mm/h): 48

Thinckness: 0.06mm ,0.075mm,0.08mm,0.11mm

Applition Temperature: -20℃-60℃

Width:  1070mm. (Can be Customized)

Length: 50m (Can be customized)

Product Details Show:

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