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UV Dicing tape

• High bonding strength and good lamination performance before UV • Dramatic decrease of bonding strength after UV, easy to peel off • Acid and alkali resistance • No stain and residue on adherend after peeling off


UV tape is made of PET/PO material, coated with high performance UV photosensitive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the characteristics of high viscosity before UV irradiation, good adhesion, low viscosity after UV irradiation, no residual glue after tearing, acid and alkali resistance, no pollution to the paste and so on.


Semiconductor: Dicing of various types of package(BGA/QFN/DFN), wafer sawing and grinding.

Optoelectronic: Slotting, dicing and pickling of coated glass and ordinary glass.

Others: Process in which work piece should be covered when machining and uncovered after that without adhesive residue.

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