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PET Protective film

PET Protective film

PET protective film uses PET film or PO film as a substrate, then coated with acrylic/ silicone adhesive or PU adhesive to be mult-adhesion and long-term fitting.

It has a good smooth surface,excellent weather resistance, high temperature protection,high transmitting and removed without adhesive residue.


1. Anti-fingerprint ,high definition, No residual glue
2. Excellent Surface Hardness (3-4H)
3. Very Low-tack removal silicone adhesive
4. Excellent durability (no migration), no particle
5. No bubbles (bubble-free), temperature tolerance
6. Transparent wetting property
7. Very stable adhesion strength at high temp
8. No degumming deformation
9. Wear resistant, Good tensile strength, solvent resistance
10.Excellent adhesion to the surface of GLASS or METAL
11.No adhesives transfer, Excellent wetability
12.Easy to manage foreign matters by antistatic feature

13.Excellent transparency

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