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Double Sided Tape

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PET Double Sided Tape

Wholesale Double Sided Tape with Release Paper For Carpet Furniture Couch Adhesive Double Sided PET Tape

Brand :Yousan Tape
Color: Clear /Black
Substrate: PET Film
Width: 5cm,10mm,20cm ,25cm other custom size
Sample: Free Supply
Certification: SGS, ROSH, ISO
Shipment Way: DHL ,UPS,Fedex
Lead Time : 3-5 days after send

Product Introduce:

Double sided Tape is based on PET as carrier, coated with acylic adhesive on both sides and lined with red release film.Widely used in the bonding of automobile ABS plastic parts, furniture decoration parts,  mobile phone battery compartments and lens.

Product Features:

1. High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable

2. With plastic or paper liner

3.Very high bonding

4.Suitable for almost all surfaces mounting

5. Strong tensile strength

Product Parameter:

Name :PET Double Sided Tape 

Color: Transparent ,Black

Adhesive : Acrylic

Backing :PET

Liner: Paper

Applition Temperature: -20℃-140℃

Peel Strength:≥18N/25mm

Total Thinckness:205mic

Width: Maximum width 1020mm. (Can be Customized)

Length: 1200m (Can be customized)

Product Detail Show:

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