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PE Foam Tape

1. Fine touch feel and high resistance to heat, water, dust as well as moisture.

2. Outstanding weather resistance properties allow for both indoor and outdoor usages.

3. Apply in seconds due to excellent holding power and good anti-corrosion characteristics.

4. High adhesion and good strength due to high quality of carrier materials with different textures.

Product Introduce:

PE Foam Tape uses PE foam as substrate and coated with a strong sticky acrylic adhesive on both sides Features It has a strong adhesive force, waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, anti-UV ability features The foam substrate is divided into: EVA foam, PE foam, PU foam.

Product Features:

  1.Tensile Resistance

  2.Waterproof Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape

  3.Easy Handle

  4 Strong Adhesive

  5.Good Weather Resistance

  6. Environment-friendly

  7.No import Restriction

Product Parameter:

Name :PU Foam Tape 

Color: Blue,White ,Black

Adhesive : Acrylic

Backing :PE Foam

Liner: PE Film

Applition Temperature: -20℃-140℃

Initial Viscosity:≥17N/25mm

Holding Power (N/in):≥24H


Width: Maximum width 1240mm. (Can be Customized)

Length: 50m (Can be customized)

Product Detail Show:

foam double side

PE Tape

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