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Manufacturer Supply Teflon (PTFE) Seal Tape Glass fiber For Vacuum Hand and Impulse Sealers Machine PTFE Coated Tape

Brand :Yousan Tape
Substrate: Glass Fiber Cloth and PTFE Film
Width:5mm ,8mm,10mm,20cm other custom size
Sample: Free Supply
Certification: SGS, ROSH, ISO
Shipment Way: DHL ,UPS,Fedex
Lead Time : 3-5 days after send


Teflon tape is made of polytetrafluoroethylene impregnated glass fiber cloth or pure polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material, then coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, and processed by special process.                                            It has high lubricity, excellent insulation, anti-light, anti-oxidation, good surface anti-sticking, wear resistance, chemical resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, microwave resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, firm adhesion without degumming, Uniform texture and other characteristics.


1. Coating of various high-temperature rollers, heating rehabilitative, demoulding work.

2. Heat sealing of food, medicine and plastic bags.

3. It can be used for padding of chute, hopper, aviation mold, etc. It can also be applied to the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic mold release and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

4. Suitable for other surface treatments that require anti-sticking, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

5. Used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries.

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