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Die Cutting Polyester Release Film

Die Cut Jumbo Rolls Clear Anti-scratch Anti Static Blue Polyester Release Film With Release Liner Silicone Oil Coated

Brand :Yousan Tape
Adhesive: Silicone
Size:Custom Size, As Drawing
Sample: Support
Certification: SGS, ROSH, ISO

Product introduce :

Polyester release film also called Polyester Silicone Oil Coated Release Film uses Polyester film as substrate and coated silicone oil to decrease the absorption force and achieve release effect. There are 1-side silicone oil coated and 2-side silicone oil coated in the market. If divided by release force, there are 3 types, light release film, medium release film and heavy release film.

Product Features:

1) Good light transmission, up to 95% of the light transmission rate;

2) Weather resistance is good, less prone to degumming glue phenomenon; 

3) Adopt electrostatic adsorption paste, easy to paste,easy to tear, no pollution and no residue;

4) Bubble free and fingerprint free, Washable and resiable.

5) Water resistance, water or oil barrier to penetrate into the screen, to avoid short circuit board;

6) Anti-static effect, the screen is not easy to absorb dust, to ensure clean the screen;

7) Isolated ultraviolet radiation, to avoid outside ultraviolet light or direct damage to the screen;

8) Film surface after special treatment, high hardness, good scratch resistance, can withstand more than 3H hardness.

Product Parameters:

Thickness12um, 19um, 25um, 38um, 50um, 75um, 100um, 125um, 188um
Release Force0~1g, 1~3g, 3~6g, 6~10g, 10~20g, 20~30g, 30~40g, 40~60g, 60~80g, 80~100g, 100~150g, 150~200g, 200~300g, 300~400g, 400~600g, 600~800g, 800~1200g, 1200g
Tensile Strength150MPa
Heat Shrinkage (150, 30min)MD: 1.5% TD:0.2%

Product Pictures:

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